The Idea Brought to Life

Influenced by the Harlem renaissance and the Black Wall Street of Tulsa, OK, the primary goal of Black Artist Café is to promote the talent and business savvy of African descents. To bring about awareness of black excellence and a recognition of black representation in the arts and business.

Our primary focus is to work closely with upcoming and current talent and businesses to help them succeed in meeting their promotional goals. We offer total support and commitment to strategically, and creatively communicate their ideas in a cost effect manner. Simply put, we help you to reach your target market through advertising, promotion and public relations.

Black Artist Café will help overcome challenges and remove barriers to advance black excellence and enterprise.


Founder & Creator.

Asjah Davis-Shim is an Advertising and Marketing Communications major, whose original sense of individuality and awareness for aesthetics, develops sui generis flows of creativity.

She is known to be the daredevil of creativity. As simple as she depicts herself, her mind is full of imaginative thoughts and actions. Fluid in the language of arts, she have found ways to communicate my pen to paper, paint brushes to canvases, and choreographies to front and center stages. With such talent, it is expected of me to take the path of the arts, but now she have taken the path for business. With a background in Advertising and marketing, and the love for the arts, it is expected of her to promote talent.



The son of a jazz musician and a painter, Nathan Valentine was groomed to have an impact on the creative world. Hailing from NY by way of Chicago Illinois, the graphic designer has been an industry staple for the better part of a decade. He has collaborated with Adidas, Bodyglove, Teepublic, and ESPN among many others. He believes that the best tools in the world start with the artists mind, and is looking to have a bigger impact with his unique urban flair throughout this year and beyond. His influences include music, anime, graffiti, cyberpunk and vaporwave. He currently lives in Long Island.