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The Funny Father

The Funny Father

Walking through the streets of Brooklyn, as the icy cold wind torturously numbed my face with harsh blows, I forced myself through the winds to meet up with a comical character. Finally, arriving at the Bklyn Blend, Malcolm Yeung towered over me and greeted me with a joke that warmed my face with laughter. Although, I knew of Malcolm prior to meeting him from his skits on Instagram, or his hysterical outlandish tweets, surprisingly he is a self-effacing man. While relaxing in a coffee shop made for us and by us, we discuss the balance of fatherhood and perfecting his craft.

The hardest thing to do as a creator is to inspire a room full of people, but if you can touch the heart of just one person, you’ve done an honest days work.

Comedians are challenged with preserving a reputation as an artist, but they are no less creatively endowed. At a young age, it was joyous witnessing simple smirks or hearing stifle giggles, as he knew his talents were the cause. With the influence of legends such as Dave Chapelle, Eddie Murphy, Paul Mooney and his fear of failing, he continued to perfect his skills. His niche gained the reputation of “class clown” in high school. With confidence in his artistry, he was encouraged to do his first stand-up comedy in front of his peers, on their way to their senior trip. His journey went from “class clown” to well-known comedian as he debuted at the QED comedy club in 2017. Malcolm is blessed with the artistry prestige that is well deserved and is also blessed with a beautiful daughter to help him gain likes and engagements on social media.

My favorite thing about being a dad is having the perfect excuse to cancel plans last minute. That, and having the sweetest kid ever of course

As a parent, your gas tank is always on ‘E’. 90% of parenting is just thinking about when you can lie down again. Or in Malcolm’s case, 90% of parenting is trying to help your daughter remember her lines for a skit! Although he has given us enough to know that she is her fathers’ child, Malcolm desperately tries to put her on camera, but it never works. She hates being in the spotlight. Hysterical as she is, just like her father, she is modest.

Malcolm has a lot more to give to his audience, by hosting a podcast called WBLH Radio. This podcast gives you the vibe of listening to a late night radio station. It consists of music, skits, and Malcolm doing three different characters. Currently, he is working on the third episode. Talk about enhancing his vocation!

Laughing is, and will always be, the best form of therapy. Get to know Malcolm even more, and enjoy every laughter you gain from his content.

Instagram: @malcolmpyeung

Twitter: @malcolmpyeung

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