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Buffalos' Exchange

After so long without it, the season of rebirth has approached us. I didn’t mind my Uber cruising to my destination, as I enjoyed subtle kisses from the warmth of the sun. While Spring had announced its arrival, as did I when I appeared at Sincerely Tommy Coffee Shop. Kerrin Bull sat reserved, sipping a sweet honey latte, expecting my presence. Giving the anxious yet relief stares of, “Girl, are you who I think you are,” to then greeting each other as friends reunited.

Genetically designed with the ability to produce her imaginations into reality, Kerrin’s life path as an artist was destined at the age of 6. Attempting to serenade the ears of Solomon or a salamander, or the endeavors of grasping fluid motions of an Alvin alley performer, she was appointed the sketchbook and pencil. Attending the Buffalo Academy for Visual and Performing Arts, she recognized her skills could evolve into a vocation.

“A lot of energy was put into changing things to get us to the point where we are now.”

Now attending the Fashion Institute of Technology, Kerrin, has allowed the expansion of her creativity to force her from the familiar solace of Buffalo, to the unconventional region New York City. 

“Keep going, keep practicing, NEVER STOP CREATING!”

Challenging the limitations of her destiny, she dabbles in other ways to enhance her talents. With free time and dedication, she manifests getting her artwork and designs placed on hoodies, and naming them “Hoodie Patch.”

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The Funny Father

The Funny Father